Fight in the Orrery

Hey all, so this is an idea I had for the big fight of this part of my players campaign. What do you all think? Too harsh? Good? Bad? I’ll be using a battlemap for it on Roll20 due to all the moving parts. My nemesis’ goal is that he’s trying to scry the location […]

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Christmas Adventure Part 1

Hey everyone! So I finally got to run the majority of the Christmas adventure I had created for the two gamers I began playing Dungeons and Dragons with, two gamers who had effectively retired from the game nearly a year ago. It really was a Christmas miracle for me, but after such a long dry […]

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Holiday Themed Adventure

Hey guys! Half a year ago, my friend, who was tired with Dungeons and Dragons swore he would never play again. In true Christmas Miracle fashion, and possibly because of Critical Role, my friend has decided to pick up the pen and paper once more for a Christmas game. Not wanting to fold to some […]

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Things Build Up

Sometimes things start to build up and it can become hard to deal with them. You know you have problems when your doc is telling you that you may need counselling about things completely unrelated to why you’re there in the first place. It’s the cause of a lot of my problems and probably why […]

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NaNoWriMo: Faithless

This year for National Novel Writing Month I’ll be posting it here, feel free to support my attempt! Fifty thousand words in 30 days. I’m actually writing two novellas intended to be 25k each. This came about because whilst I’ve been planning one story for the month, very recently I’ve been working on a YouTube […]

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