Holiday Themed Adventure

Hey guys!

Half a year ago, my friend, who was tired with Dungeons and Dragons swore he would never play again. In true Christmas Miracle fashion, and possibly because of Critical Role, my friend has decided to pick up the pen and paper once more for a Christmas game.

Not wanting to fold to some kind of mouldy, cheese infested game, here is the premise for the short adventure:

The city is attacked by robotic dinosaurs. The Mad Lord orders the PCs to investigate the creatures who came from his private orange orchard. Finding a cave that leads deeper and deeper underground they come across an abyss-like, icy ravine where a giant tree is growing, filled with oranges. The adventurers must do battle with icy wraiths and the Green Hat Gang, the Big Bad End Guy’s mechanically minded evil goblin helpers who hurl explosive packages and set mechanical creatures on the players. In the end, we find an old Druid protector of the tree. It is here we find that the fruit of the tree, which has broken above ground, are actually the souls of those that have died and whose spirits are now one with nature. It is up to the players to defeat the Maddened Lord who has been consuming these fruits, defeat the Druid who has besieged the city, or find a peaceful solution.

I’d love to know what you guys think. Leave a comment and share it for others to see.

Happy Holidays!


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