Fight in the Orrery

Hey all, so this is an idea I had for the big fight of this part of my players campaign. What do you all think? Too harsh? Good? Bad?
I’ll be using a battlemap for it on Roll20 due to all the moving parts.
My nemesis’ goal is that he’s trying to scry the location of the Gods’ Tomb Valley,he is searching for the staff known as Brejka which when the shards of the Aspect of the Thought-Seer are collected, can allow him to commune with the lost goddess. This is an evil-ish campaign, the party’s goals are more straightforward. One of them wants the staff and one of them wants the shard he has around his neck.
The party consists of:-
Davan, Level 4 Human Great Old One Warlock
Despair, Level 4 Tiefling Paladin of Vengeance
Tarlord, Level 4 Human Necromancer
Fight in the Orrery
The Battlefield
Entrance: Locked via special Magic Circle targeting people.
Escapable via DC 20 Thieves’ Tools Check, (dispel magic requires DC 15 Charisma Check to use)
Myrval, the scryer in this situation, doesnt want to kill them, he’s met them before and it ended in a fight. He will attempt to convince them to aid him but has taken precautions since he had plenty of time to prepare.
Planes: The Archmage crafted an Orrery in his time, each plane is actually linked to one of the orbs floating around the Prime Material Plane orb. As a result, a small aura surrounds them, a potent sudden rush of planar energy that causes a variety of effects. At the end of each round, the planes shift place. They are as follows:
Prime Material Plane – Anti-Magic Field
Plane of Fire – Anyone who starts their turn within or enters the aura for the first time must make a DC 12 Constitution Saving Throw or suffer 1 level of exhaustion and take 2d6 fire damage. Half as much damage on a success and no exhaustion.
Plane of Earth – Tremors rack the area around this body. Anyone concentrating on a spell when they start their turn here or enter the area for the first turn must make a DC 11 Concentration Check. Attacks are made with disadvantage.
Plane of Water – Anyone within the area is surrounded by a hazy, watery mist that is partially obscured, anyone who would be hit by a ranged attack may roll a d20. On an 11+ the attack misses due to the tricky nature of water.
Plane of Air – Anyone within this aura gains a fly speed equal to their movement speed as long as they remain in the aura, floating harmlessly to the ground when they leave the aura.
Shadow Plane – See Shadowfell Despair. (Fear and madness)
Astral Plane – See Psychic Winds mental effects. (Damage and madness)
Abyss – See corruption (Temporary personalitt change)
Fey wild – See memory loss (effectively stunning but bad rolls will result in losing key memories)
The Floor: As prismatic energy fills the room, the party sees the ground shift and change but the floor becomes impossible to see. Characters should proceed with caution. At certain sections, the floor has disappeared leaving holes. DC 15 Dexterity Saving Throws can be performed to hold onto the platform should a person fall.
Anybody who falls must make DC 15 Intelligence saving throw which they can repeat at the start of their turns. On a success they are mentally capable of swimming through the prismatic energy but at the end of each turn whilst not on ground, take 1d6 psychic damage. On a failed save, roll on the following table:
1. Red – 4d6 fire damage
2. Orange – 4d6 Acid Damage
3. Yellow – 4d6 lightning damage
4. Green – 4d6 poison damage
5. Blue – 4d6 cold damage
6. Indigo – Restrained
7. Violet – Blinded
8. Special – Two colours
On turn 6, Myrval will lock the area onto the Fey Wild, awakened shrubs will appear and he will convert them using channel divinity earned by being a nature cleric. There will also be plenty of trees and cover but areas will be difficult terrain.
Myrval: I have yet to determine his CR but I imagine he is around 4 or 5 being a multi classed Monk, Druid and recently Cleric of Nature essentially. He also carries multiple magical staffs.
Myrval will interact minimally with the battle, instead focusing his attention on scrying. He is unable to concentrate on other spells. If he is engaged, he will stop to fight, delaying the completion. He is protected by his minions and also by an Anti-Magic Field.
On the tenth turn of scrying, Myrval has what he needs. The room turns into the image of a location in mountains and an entrance. He spins the prime material plane and will attempt to leave.
He has coerced 2 gargoyles into helping him who will attempt to delay the party.
One of thr Order of the Blood. The Order is helping Myrval due to his monastic ties. The Order of the Blood decided to help the party try and save the tower. I will make a d20 roll – 10 or lower and he turns tail helping Myrval, 11-14 he will stay out of the fight, 15-20 he will join the party.

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